Technical Discussions

Noise Ingress TO the Cable Plant

Inbound noise to the cable plant is the #1 issue affecting cable operators. The noise comes from cabling defects such as a home owner improperly connecting a new TV or poor outside plant workmanship.  Our experience of the most to least dependable Internet is based on noise ingress.

RF Leaks FROM the Cable Plant into the Air

From discusses how RF leaks can affect the owners of over-the-air (OTA) frequencies such as police and ambulance & cellular providers.


What the FCC does not say is how these leaks affect YOUR Internet. Their is some correlation between RF leakage from the cable plant to the air and the noise ingress mentioned above. Clearly, Comcast has an FCC mandate to fix the RF leakage affecting owners of OTA frequencies. In the process, Comcast often finds cable plant defects affecting Internet performance.


The industry spec for cable operators defines time limits that your cable box has to send or receive critical maintenance signals to/from the cable head end. 

Be concerned with T2 and above as once the timeout is reached, the cable modem will reset its cable interface and restart the registration process. T2 timeouts and above may also be described as "ranging requests"  TIMEOUTS CAUSE VoIP AUDIO QUALITY ISSUES!


We have a detector that can measure when these events can happen and log useful diagnostic information for Comcast technical support.

UP Power Level - Acceptable/Unaccaptable Levels

Green -  30 to 50

Yellow - 50 to 55

Red -      56 to 70