Our Story

Our VoIP Failed

We are regional consultants in fixing Comcast Internet issues. We have hundreds of references. We got here because frankly, a large, multi-location VoIP system we sold failed. The Comcast Internet serving the customer could not carry the VoIP signal. We delayed in calling Comcast until we ruled out other issues. Comcast did promptly fix the issues and the service remained stable but with the long repair cycle, our reputation suffered.

We Took Action

In a progession of events, that stated in 2005, we built up our Comcast consultancy business.

Breakthough, Comcast Asks Us to Install VoIP for Repair Call Center

We actually installed a VoIP call center for a Comcast contractor using Comcast Internet service. The knowledge floodgates opened. We gained insight to a number of systems. Then we leaned more then we expected...

The Rest of the Story

The Comcast contractor was doing a poor job of installations.  The installers have to use their own tools, pay for their own gas and got paid as little as $35 per install. Clearly, install volume over quality was required to earn a living. We recommended our customers tip them to keep them on site and do a complete job.

The Comcast outside plant suffered. Poor workmanship for one customer affected many. This national contractor was eventually fired and Comcast took over doing their own installs. In 2015, the contractor went out of business.

We renewed our effort and came out with new diagnostic software and in 2015 developed our very cool status light detector.

Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) is only as good as the "I" in VoIP. We are truly a technically advanced telecommunications company and a very good VoIP choice for customers having Comcast Internet service.