We Built Our Own Test Tools


Several Comcast modems are listed here.

Accurately reporting service affecting issues to your carrier or vendor is KEY! StatusLights.com helps you convey the status of your equipment to the carrier or vendor. For more information or to find your device click here


We can send hundreds of calls to the voice service running over your Comcast lines to stress the service and divulge issues.


Is uptime of your PBX, business telephone system or voice mail system mission critical? We provide voice system monitoring. www.TestCalls.com  

Diagnostic Light Detector

We will install a device that will detect when your (US) upstream or (DS) downstream signal is lost. Poor quality Comcast service can reboot several times per hour. You won't notice this while web surfing but you will hear it on poor audio quality voice calls. Call us for details.

Cable Modem Monitoring Software

Our software can be installed on site to take minute-by-minute readings of your Comcast cable modem health. The software sends us results for analysis.

We stock Comcast Parts

We stock the same splitters, coax and such and at times will simply fix the inside building issues ourselves. No, we can not climb utility poles but certainly will affect those mainline repairs!

Our Data Center has Dedicated Comcast Fiber and Coax

These facilities allow us to monitor your Comcast coax connections from inside of the Comcast network.

Bandwidth Monitors

When we install our VoIP routers behind your Comcast cable modem, we monitor bandwidth usage (via our Comcast fiber) using sophisticated tools from Solarwinds, the market leading software developer for network performance monitoring.


We also use a second tool to monitor the health of cable nodes and amplifiers.