COMCAST-D3G-TEST Software Setup

We Can't Fix Comcast Without Your Help

We require our customers with Comcast Internet service to run Infotel developed diagnostic software in order to fix Comcast and affected systems. You must have a Comcast D3G cable modem to use this daignostic tool.


The Comcast D3G test program pulls diagnostic data together to create an XLS report that is sent to infotel Systems. The data compiled is:


The program and install has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 only:

  1. Create a new directory on your computers C: drive called C:\INFOTEL.
  2. We will email you a download link to the file. Save the program in C:\INFOTEL.
  3. Find the program in C:\INFOTEL. Right click on it and choose: Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)

Check These Items First Before Running:

  Click the IT Logo From Your Desktop to Run the Progam     


The program will BEEP if it has an error. With each beep, the error is also logged to D3GMONITOR_DIAG.TXT. We will need this file to help you.

Issue Corrective Action
It did not find your Comcast D3G modem at LAN IP address It  will beep at you and ask for alternate IP addresses.
It could not email us. Change the last line of the INI file from to your email servers IP address.
It still did not email us. Send all files in c:\infotel except the EXE file to service123 (at) 
Not running on Windows XP or Windows 7. Please, no Mac emulators or Windows servers.
The program is unable to reach anything on the outside.  The program checks Comcast Internet service quality. If Comcast is DEAD, that's a bigger problem. You need to call Comcast.
Program is still running 1/2 hour later. It's trying to tell you something like: it could not email us. Read the warning and email us the three files below to service123 (at)
Program beeps and writes a red "X" on the screen. The program could not ping our Comcast gateway. If it can't ping, you have connectivity problems.

We Need The Files Created in C:\INFOTEL Sent to Us if the Program Fails to Email Us

COMCAST-D3G-TEST.INI - Set information that is created when the program first runs and interviews you.
COMCAST-D3G-TEST-DIAG.LOG - Error logs that we want to see if we are not sent a report.
COMCAST-D3G-TEST-DATA.CSV - The Microsoft  XLS compatable test data that is sent to us.

More Details on COMCAST-D3G-TEST.EXE

The program is a tiny and powerful. It really does not "install", as it does not add files to any other directory. It does not change your system registry. It will consume 2% of system resources to run. It was written in a very compact language by Infotel Systems.   

How Does Your Comcast Internet Test Against Our Lab Internet?

Test Results
Our Comcast test Internet rated speed. Nothing is on this circuit. 22 down 5 up
96,912,152 byte random graphic file download

This paint down a browser screen a randomized graphic file. It should not pause for more than a second.

= 20 seconds (average of three trials +/- 1 second)
= 4,845,607 bytes per second
= 4.8 M BYTES per second
= 48 M bits per second

(divide by 10 rule 8 data + 2 overhead)
17,816,816 byte random graphic file download

This will paint down a browser screen a randomized graphic file. It should not pause for more than a second.

= 5 seconds (average of three trials +/- 1 second)
= 3,563,363 bytes per second
= 3.5 M BYTES per second
= 35 M bits per second

(divide by 10 rule 8 data + 2 overhead)
D3GMONITOR health quality Upstream power (modem to head end) is 45 db which is poor
Downstream power is 7db = Nominal
Downstream SNR is 37db = Good
Speed as tested at with Richmond server chosen on a Sunday night at 8pm and Monday morning at 6:30am.

This server is at Staples Mill Rd @ but is actually further from our customer's Comcast than our Comcast Fiber connection.
comcast speedtest